masked church patrons
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A question for the 2021 Church

In the year 2020 the world has seen a majority compliance for citizens to adhere to government mandates concerning the COVID-19 Corona-virus outbreak. Fear of the disease, or fear of non-compliance is reality for many, even so now in the month of November. We are promised a vaccine in the coming months and years, the government will save us. The Church also has mostly complied with requests to abstain, for a time during first, second waves, from gathering and sharing the sacraments (communion & baptism) that have been practiced for the past 2000 years, of which we were commanded to do by our King. The King of kings. These are being reinstated in some countries including my own. While services are being restored, one cannot help but notice that many Saints continue to be locked out.

As a fellow believer in Jesus Christ I have seen and considered all the acquiescence to the governing authorities, without question, without resistance by the Church. This has followed on from a very distinct modern age of erosion and decline of the veracity of the pulpit in recent times in much of the visible Church. This decline is the result of mixing leaven (untruth and deceit) with half-truth about God from those same pulpits, condensing man-made doctrine with the Word of God, a widespread worldwide problem that grows in influence year to year.

Along with this decline, which will likely continue according to Scripture (2 Timothy 3), it is reasonable to assume that the visible Church majority in its present state will continue to tow the government line and close doors to the Saints of God again at the will of governing authorities.

I have one simple question.

When a vaccine becomes available, will the Church; will your Church be a congregation to allow or dis-allow Saints of God to enter for worship, to join with other saints, to partake in the sacraments, to sing praises to God, if they have not been vaccinated?

It is a future question. Watch out! Something we individually might consider we as the Church have allowed the cataloging of God's people in attendance within current congregations so that we might keep the peace, to regain a right to meet together, as long as we demonstrate compliance with government direction. Book ahead, sign in, register your name, email and/or address. Be counted! For your safety, for the safety of others!

It is an unprecedented thing in Church history.

It is an unprecedented thing in World history that every country that this disease has touched has complied to orders to close their communities, businesses and most human activity inside and outdoors. But what of the Church, is it right, is this what God wants, did we seek Him on this?

Can we not remember the displeasure God had in king David when he counted the people (2 Samuel 24). I am also reminded of the words of Jesus Christ, and I must self-check as well, are we truly walking and living in Christian Biblical Faith as the Saints of old and the apostles of our Lord?

Luke 18:8b
Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?