The Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem
Esther Wechsler

Evidence in the ground (by film)

There are a number of Youtube videos, I have deliberately chosen the shortest ones, or started the video at a certain point on purpose. There is a lot more to discover, but I'll leave that up to your own research. My hope is that these will get you started in the right direction.

David's city and Ancient Jerusalem

Prophecy Fulfilled: City of David 'Shakes Off the Dust' - Anointing the King's of Israel -

City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel In Jerusalem 2018 -

Pool of Siloam (same video as above, just different time) -

Ophel Aerial, City of David Jerusalem 2021 -

City of David Discovery Alert: Rare remains from the time of the Kings of Judah discovered - 2700 years ago - 2020 -

The Valley of the Shadow of Death

The Valley of the Shadow of Death -

The Valley of The Shadow of Death, Jerusalem -

Ron Wyatt discoveries

Jewish Exodus

Exodus to the Red Sea- the Discoveries of Ron Wyatt -

Journey of the exodus - From Egypt to the Red Sea crossing 2018 -

Revealing God's Treasure - Mt. Sinai - Found -

Jim and Penny Caldwell - The Real Mount Sinai (Ron Wyatt Confirmation) -

Noah's ark

Noah's Ark- Ron Wyatt's Story -

Noah's Ark Resistivity Scans Pt 2 THE SCANS -

Noahdic vessel anchor stones

Noah's Ark Geopolymer Anchor Stones -

The Discovery of Noah's Wife's Grave (Rare Interview with Mary Wyatt) -

Noah's Ark anchor stone with crosses. Across from Mt. Ararat -

Noah's house and grave

Drone video of Noah's house and grave! Did Ron Wyatt discover it? 2020 -