Jonathan Cahn - False prophet

A brilliant full review on Cahn's written works can be found here...

Doing the math, Cahn reveals that September 25 2014 to September 13 2015 was the Shemitah Year.

Here’s where things get wonky. Cahn argues…

  • God has given warnings to the United States in a seven year cycle going back decades
  • The Lord deals with nations on a seven year cycle, like he did Israel
  • Things like stock market crashes, economic recessions etc have happened in seven year intervals as a warning that this very Shemitah year will be God’s final judgment on America
  • America has been unforgiving of debt and violating the Sabbath years, and so God is judging us in this year’s Shemitah

The failure

Yeah, didn’t happen. Not even close. Well, a few things happened…to be fair. Jonathan Cahn sold millions of dollars in books, Jim Bakker sold some survival supplies and Charisma Magazine got some real mileage out of the farce over the last year. The Shemitah is over, Jonathan Cahn is a false prophet, and evangelicals have been made fools of once again. Oh, also – and this is obligatory – we told you so.

The lesson

  • The Bible is sufficient. Stop chasing after prophecies, people. Stop buying for yourselves false prophets. Stop buying books that supposedly “unlock secrets” and “reveal mysteries” and all of that gobbledegook. God doesn’t hide things in the Bible. The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to man. Hiding things in His revelation kind of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?
  • If someone says they’ve discovered something in the Scripture that no one else in 2 thousand years has discovered, they’re wrong and trying to sell you something – each and every last and lousy time. Bank on it.
  • Interpreting omens, using astrology, and looking at signs is not Christianity – it is occultic.
  • The only reason evangelicals fell for Cahn’s arguments is because we collectively have the Biblical understanding of second graders

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