disciples listening to jesus

Qualities Of True Biblical Leadership

We are living in days where false teachers and false prophets abound. Jesus said that by their fruits you will know them. Putting these words into the whole context of the passage we will see that the fruit, Jesus was referring to, was unscriptural false teaching but He was pointing out that they were wolves. What are the fruits of a wolf in sheeps clothing? Here are some traits: arrogance, pride, greediness, lies. Maybe, instead of looking at these traits it may be better (as a counter to the false) to consider what makes for a “true” leader or a “good shepherd”

This article will look at the qualifications for leadership as defined in the Bible to help you determine whether a teacher is sound or not.

Before we look at the qualities for Biblical leadership, I need to point out that these are very different from worldly leadership qualities or criteria. James says that friendship with the world is enmity with God. Paul tells us that we are not to be conformed to this world (ie the way it thinks and acts) but be transformed (in our minds and hearts) by the renewing of our minds.

In fact, we are in days of being very influenced by “new-age” thinking about leadership. For instance, many books have been written by new-age gurus about leadership skills. However, this article concentrates on revealing God’s Mind on what is required in leadership.

God is looking for spiritually qualified leaders to feed His flock. He is looking for Daniels and Jeremiahs who are standing for Him today and will remain committed to Him when everyone else has abandoned Him. He wants leaders who know the truth and stand for truth, and He seeks leaders whose hearts long for Him (Psalm 42:1-2).