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Follow-up - A question for the 2021 Church

Back in November 2020, I asked a simple question on this blog......

When a vaccine becomes available, will the Church; will your Church be a congregation to allow or dis-allow Saints of God to enter for worship, to join with other saints, to partake in the sacraments, to sing praises to God, if they have not been vaccinated?

Well, it appears this is now being put forward as a way to "return to the new normal".

So, leaders of Churches, what will you do? What about separation of Church and State?

Update #1.

As the Vatican issues a vaccine mandate for it's visitors and personnel, we should be completely aware that this action will likely filter down to the sub branches of all churches and congregations that listen to that house.

Update #2.

Vaccine Passports are a threat to religious freedom that could result in persecution, and the lame responses of Christians who wish to avoid rocking the boat will be remembered as cowardly, not wise.

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.

Matthew 23:9


Churches required to use vaccination certificate systems for vacinated-only worship -